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In order to help you with your Body Worn Video programme, these individuals have generously agreed to share their expertise with you. If you would like to speak to any of our experts directly please use the contacts details provided.

Inspector Steve Goodier – Body Worn Video programme manager Hampshire Police.
I have been in policing for 15 years and heavily involved with body worn video since 2008 when Hampshire Constabulary purchased its first cameras. Throughout this time I have trialed most of the available cameras on the market and been in a position to offer advice to other policing areas based on my experiences. Over the last 2 years I have been looking at ways to progress the use of body worn video in an effort to help reduce bureaucracy and streamline the criminal justice process. I’m a strong believer that the effective use of body worn video could have a significant effect on policing.


Patricia Rich – Project Manager Technology Services, Staffordshire Police

Patricia is managing the roll-out of BWV with Staffordshire Police. After a successful implementation, Body Worn Video is an everyday norm for Staffordshire Police.