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Canadian streetcar shooting sparks BWV debate

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The fatal shooting of teenager Sammy Yatim in Toronto has triggered outrage among the Canadian public. The incident – caught on video by bystanders with mobile phones and quickly spread over the internet – has raised questions as to whether the Canadian police should be recording their own video.

Staffordshire Special Constables to wear BWV Cameras

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Staffordshire Police are to equip their special constables with Body Worn Video cameras. Staffordshire’s BWV project has recently been extended to include the special constables after a successful trial.

Californian BWV study shows drop in police use-of-force

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A “randomised control trial” by the Rialto Police Department in California has shown that in addition to body worn video significantly reducing complaints against officers, Police use-of-force dropped by 59 percent.

Clydebank Police raise interesting arguments for and against BWV

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A story published by the Clydebank Post newspaper gives an interesting insight into arguments for and against body worn video, by exposing the West Dunbartonshire division of Police Scotland’s internal decision making process.

Leicestershire Police use BWV footage in drugs raid video

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Leicestershire police have used a combination of body worn camera footage and a film crew to record a drugs raid, uploaded to their YouTube channel.

US Police Officer’s BWV Reveals unprofessional conduct

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A US police officer in Phoenix has been relieved of his duty after his body worn video equipment revealed unprofessional conduct. The officer had been wearing the department issued body worn video equipment for 3 months.

Home Secretary endorses Body Worn Video cameras

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In a speech given by Home Secretary Theresa May to the Police Federation on May 25th 2013 she gives her backing of the use of Body Worn Cameras.