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New body worn video guidance soon to be released by the College of Policing

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The College of Policing will soon be releasing a new set of guidance on body worn video (BWV), announced Hampshire Chief Constable (CC) Andy Marsh, the national lead. CC Marsh was optimistic that the widespread adoption of the technology would pave the way to a wider digitisation of the criminal justice system. Operation Hyperion, the […]

Tamworth Police roll out body cameras

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Tamworth Police are the latest Staffordshire force to receive “state-of-the-art body-cams” for all front line officers, reports a local newspaper.

Operation Hyperion set to conclude in the next few months

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Operation Hyperion is set to finish in the next few months. The year-long operation that equipped every front line police officer on the Isle of White with a body camera was undertaken to provide a more efficient and accountable service to the public. Body cameras had been in use in Hampshire since 2008, but operation […]

“This just reveals the need for body worn cameras” – Peter Simonson

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Body worn cameras have been hailed as an “independent witness” for all parties involved in police confrontations. With the news of another fatal shooting by Albuquerque police, the attention has been turned by Civil Liberties parties to how police use body cameras.

Hampshire Police say body cameras are “being used by officers to support prosecutions and assist in protecting our communities”

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Chief Constable (CC) Andy Marsh of Hampshire Constabulary is the national policing lead for body worn video (BWV) and is tasked with producing national guidance, identifying best practice and navigating the future use of BWV.

Damian Green plans for “all criminal courts to be operating digitally” by 2016

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The Minister for Policing, Damian Green (pictured below) has pledged £75m a year to help drag “19th century procedures into the 21st century” by digitising the criminal justice system. Among the changes being made is the development of body worn camera programs across the country.

Staffordshire Police use body cameras to capture evidence of a “catastrophic chain of events”

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Burton Mail report that Staffordshire Police have used body cameras to present evidence to the council’s Licensing Act Sub-Committee.

Paul Kinsella of West Mercia Police says body worn video is “not about the front end”

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The British ACPO Journal has published an article on body worn video titled “Are you getting the full picture?” The journal is titled “The camera never lies – welcoming a future of body worn video and high-speed data”.