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Dispelling the Myths around Body Worn Video

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As Body Worn Video becomes established within society the need to educate both citizens and users about the implications of the technology has led to serious discussion surrounding the application in real-world situations. Naturally, this is met with some trepidation and the public’s understanding of the technology is limited to a general perception that BWV […]

Body cameras are the new “weapon” for PSNI

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The Belfast Telegraph has reported that body cameras are already “proving vital” for the PSNI. The six-month trial with 70 body worn cameras began in Londonderry in June this year and has been recognised as a key tool in building cases in domestic violence situations where the victims may have been too scared or traumatised […]

Greater London Authority Conservatives call for body worn cameras as attacks on frontline workers is rife

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The Daily Mail has reported that there are over 400 attacks on frontline workers per week in the UK. Freedom of information requests were issued around the country which discovered there had been 65,970 attacks in the last three years alone, amounting to 60 incidents every day. Greater London Authority (GLA), who gathered the data, […]

5 reasons why body worn video is a world changing technology

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Body Worn Video is transforming the jobs of frontline workers around the world. The United Kingdom in particular has adopted this technology and Police forces, local government and security companies are running body worn video programs as business as usual. Here are 5 reasons why: 1. Provide compelling evidence; high-quality video and audio footage of […]