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Body Worn Video ‘A Watchful Eye on CCTV’

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Britain’s surveillance commissioner, Tony Porter has issued causes for concern with the UK in relation to the broad range of surveillance in use. After the recent terrorist acts by radicals in France, Britain’s security alert rating has risen. Porter’s concerns stem from issues surrounding transparency, and urges public bodies to be open about the use […]

Hampshire look to roll out 2300 body worn video cameras

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Police offers in the rest of Hampshire will follow in the footsteps of Operation Hyperion, an initiative on the Isle of Wight that saw every front line officer equipped with a personally issued body worn cameras. The move to supply every officer with a body camera is the one of the first in the world […]

Will body cameras become the future?

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Over the years we have become accustomed to cameras in buildings and cameras in everyone’s pockets. Now it is becoming more and more normal for cameras on bodies, recording our every move in case the footage becomes useful later. This is our future as imagined by those who research wearable cameras. Albrecht Schmidt is a […]

Body cameras embraced by the police

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Since the death of Eric Garner, New Yorkers have been protesting by blocking major roads and intersections, and holding die-ins. Eric Garner was killed by NYPD officer Daniel Pantaleo back in July last year. Pantaleo is not facing a trial; this has alarmed many as the whole thing was caught on video by Ramsey Orta, […]