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Presentation: West Midlands Police Body Worn Video Trial

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In 2013 West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner Bob Jones said he supported trials for the introduction of body worn video cameras for the police, so as to build evidence for their effectiveness. At the time Mr. Jones said, “…We are taking a staged approach, which helps us understand the operational, legal and technical issues […]

Body Camera Fund Receives $10m Replenishment

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After it was discovered initial funds for the initiative to help police forces buy body cameras was reduced to just 1 third of the initial ask, an amendment has been added to the the Commerce, Justice and Science Appropriations bill which will see an additional $10 million top-up, bring the total to $25 million.

Vancouver Lawyer Attempting to Bring Body-Worn Video to the Ballot

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“Everybody’s memory is faulty,” says Angus Lee, a Vancouver based lawyer. “Nobody has a perfect memory, no one has a memory that can compare to a body camera”. This is why he is campaigning for a minimum of 246,372  signatures from registered voters to bring the initiative to require body-worn video cameras on cops to the […]

Police Body Camera Bill Takes Shape in Israel

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MK (Member of the Knesset, Israel’s legislative branch of government) Avraham Negusie (of the Likud–National Liberal Movement, the major center-right political party) has proposed a bill, nicknamed the ‘Damas Pakada’ bill after the Ethiopian soldier who was beaten by two police officers last month, that would require police engaged in arrests to wear video cameras.

UK: CCTV Code of Practice Revised

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Recently the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) update the CCTV Code of Practice, stating “We have moved away from CCTV simply being a camera on top of a pole in our local town centre where the images were recorded on to video tapes, to much more sophisticated operations using digital and increasingly portable technology.”

Harvard Law Review: Considering Police Body Cameras

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The Harvard Law Review is a student-run organization whose primary purpose is to publish a journal of legal scholarship. In this article the focus is on police body cameras, drawing upon recent events, proposed legislation, research, and analysis. Body cameras have been the subject of various studies and reports, and there are a variety of […]

Types of Crime Caught on Camera

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In the early 2000’s body cameras were initially met with suspicion from both police and public. Fast-forward to the shocking events of summer 2014 where a young black male was shot and communities erupted in waves of protest against the police both sides now demand body cameras on their streets. This leads us to ask what […]

UK: 30,000 Body Cameras by End of 2016

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It is estimated by the end of 2016 over 30,000 body cameras will be in use across the United Kingdom, and by next year 1 in 5 police officers will record each interaction with the public marking the next frontier of policing and creating a promise to cut crime on our streets by 10%.