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Body Cameras To Be Joined By ‘Throwable’ Cameras

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Since mid 2014 the body camera industry has grown to become an estimated $1 billion market, with many companies investing their efforts into supplying the world’s emergency services with the equipment. With the phenomenal police uptake of body cameras one new start-up has created the ‘throwable camera’

Quebec Committee Studies Police Body Cameras

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A new provincial committee has begun studying the possibility of introducing police body cameras for officers. The committee, set up by Public Safety Minister Lise Thériault had its first meeting on the same day a coroner’s report recommended establishing a protocol for cameras during police interventions.

India’s Traffic Cops Body-Worn Camera Confidence

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Agra: Excited about the proposal of introducing new technology like body-worn cameras to help cops book traffic violators and drones to keep tab on smooth flow of traffic, Agra city traffic police claimed that it will help them in tightening the noose against the unruly, who after violating traffic norms enter into dispute with cops […]