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Alcohol delivery staff to wear body cameras

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Staff at a new alcohol delivery company in Peterborough will have to wear body worn cameras to ensure that booze is not sold to underage drinkers.

The ruling was made at a hearing of Peterborough City Council’s Licensing committee for the firm, which will deliver alcohol to customers using drivers.

The panel agreed the licence with a number of conditions attached to it. One of which is that the drivers will wear body worn video cameras to ensure no underage sales are made.

The ruling states that every alcohol sale by the firm will be recorded both in sound and on video at the point of delivery, with footage being retained for 31 days and made available to the police or other authorities on request.

Cllr Paula Thacker, chair of the Licensing Committee, said: “We are satisfied that the conditions attached to the licence will ensure that the company will run a good business.

“We took into consideration some of the concerns that had been expressed by the police and that’s why we made a number of stringent conditions.

“The body cameras should ensure that underage sales are not made and we’re pleased that this conditions has been attached because the safety of the public is paramount.”

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