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The BBC asks “surveillance for surveillance’s sake”? Not according to the Government’s Policing Minister

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Police forces and local governments in the UK and around the world are looking to body worn cameras to make their work more effective. However a small number of critics are claiming that rather than enhancing the work of front-line officers, the cameras are merely a “money making tool”.

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Policing Minister Damian Green emphatically disagrees with the allegations made against the use of body worn video, and has hailed the cameras used by Hampshire Police as creating a “much more accurate record” of an event, whilst also making evidence “easier to transmit around the system.

“It means that individual police officers can be much more effective at doing their job” Green said, “and much more visible at the same time because they are spending more time out on the streets.

“one digital file of information can be used by all parts of the criminal justice system so we get a quicker, more efficient, better system that provides a better service to the public and particularly to victims.

“This is definitely the way policing will go. It’s the next big phase of reform that we have to have to make sure that the police come into the century and the digital world fully.”

Sgt John Bloore of Staffordshire Police has also pledged his support of body worn cameras, explaining “Writing a report doesn’t have the same impact as the pictures because the camera doesn’t lie. It basically sees what we see but instead of having to remember we can rewind it to see it over and over again.

“When people know there’s footage of whatever has taken place we get a straightforward guilty plea because they can see themselves on the camera.”

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  • Eamonn Leniston

    This is not surveillance for surveillance sake.

    This is gathering evidence for the good of the public.

    This is to secure prosecutions for the public’s sake.

    This is to make our streets safer for all our sakes.


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