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Body camera used by blind UK woman, Siobhan Meade, to deter bullies

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Siobhan Meade, 30, has demonstrated how body worn cameras are not only for police forces to use.


Regularly a victim of mental abuse from bullies, and after nearly being mugged, Siobhan opted to wear a British company’s body worn camera in a bid to deter violence and gather evidence.

“[It has] ranged from being sworn at in the street, young people circling me and deliberately walking me into lampposts and nearly being mugged,” Siobhan said.

“They actually said ‘let’s mug her and see how much she can see’… I was horrified.

“It was extremely distressing and it nearly destroyed me as a person… It was intimidating beyond belief.”

After recording the bullies in the act with the body camera, she handed the footage to police who then spoke to the perpetrators and the abuse she had suffered stopped.

“The police had been so supportive and given me lots of reassurance, so when I took the footage to them they were able to deal with it,” she said.

Hertfordshire Police have since stated that hate crime was “under-reported for many reasons” and the force has encouraged other victims to come forward.

“We are committed to ensuring people with disabilities have increased support and opportunity to report incidents in a safe and secure environment, either to the police or via a third party,” a spokesman said.

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