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Body Cameras and Use-of-Force Infographic

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A pioneering study on police body cameras with the Rialto, California Police Department found that their use of the devices reduced use of force incidents by police by almost 60 percent.

Even more startling? The number of formal complaints filed by citizens against the police force went down 90 percent.

Law firm Denmon & Denmon created this body camera infographic to answer the question “what’s going on here?”

Body Worn Video Cameras Reduce Police Use of Force by 60%

Importantly, it appears the existence of the camera might result in better behaviour by both the police and the citizen. Throughout their use over the last decade or so, body cameras have been praised for this effect which has led to many police officers supporting their use.

The lowering of use of force by the police may very well be a synergistic combination of a more cognizant officer and a more controlled citizen.

And the formal complaints to law enforcement going down 90%?

It is quite possible that the amount of frivolous complaints by citizens dropped as well. Additionally, President Obama and others have rallied support for body cameras in the United States, calling for more funds to increase the use of cameras, and re-establish trust between communities and their law enforcers.

In any case, while privacy concerns remain, the indications that cameras lower use of force in the wake of Ferguson and the like is something that can’t be ignored. In theory, this should lead to increased testing of cameras in forces around the nation, and indeed the world.

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