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Boris Johnson says “Body worn cameras. Yes is the answer. Let’s do it.”

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The Mayor of London has emphatically declared his support of body worn cameras in the Mayor’s Question Time. Johnson began the topic with the words: “Body worn cameras. Yes is the answer. Let’s do it.”

Boris Johnson

“I’m totally in favour of It” the Mayor continued “I can think of lots of occasions, notably recent ones where the use of body worn cameras would obviate any future confusion about what might or might not have taken place between individuals and the police. I think it’s a thoroughly good idea.

“It’s being used in 8 boroughs at the moment, this system, Sutton is particularly large, and Lambeth, in my view we could go even further, but we’re still at the piloting stage.

“I think they will reduce all sorts of confusion and incivility generally because we’re going into a world now where we’re all instantly taking film or recording what I say and that’s fine, that’s the way it is, it has a very sanitising effect, It means that you don’t behave ungracefully if you can avoid it – sunlight is the best disinfectant.

“What it means is that public servants such as the police have a record of how they’re behaving but also of course a record of how the public are behaving, it’s the way it’s all going to go. In the future we’re all going to have google implants in our retinas recording everything that’s going on” Johnson joked “it’s coming”.

When asked about the testing and trials that are occurring, Johnson answered “All that sort of data we will make sure we make available, how it’s working, the effect it’s having, we will certainly do that.”

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