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Catching Football Hooligans With Body Cameras

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Crystal Palace football boss Alan Pardew has called on fans to use social media to name and shame anyone caught throwing coins following incidents during the club’s previous home games, and security looks to body cameras to red-card unruly fans.

Alan Pardew Crystal Palace Football Security Body Worn Video Camera

Currently, body worn video cameras are most often associated with domestic and international police forces, where they have been gaining greater momentum over the past few years.

The Eagles upgraded their security measures, hoping to reduce coin-throwing and verbal abuse incidents in the future.

As well as more cameras situated around the ground, some stewards will wear body cameras in attempt to get a clearer view of potential culprits.

Pardew insists that fans should upload pictures of rule-breakers to social media.

“The incident with Chelsea in Paris gives you the strength of social media. So if any fans are next to someone [behaving inappropriately] then film them. Let’s have a picture of them and we’ll try and do our best to find them.”

“We represent society at all levels, we get all types of our society here and we can’t control their behaviour to a degree.”

“All we can do is put on the best environment and most children-friendly environment we possibly can. We’ve got the best atmosphere in the country and we don’t want to lose that with silly little incidents that have come, and I don’t want to keep going on about it.”

“Those few citizens that are letting us down, we need to reel them in and point them out to us.”

The south London club have launched investigations in two separate incidents of objects being thrown onto the pitch.

Co-chairman Stephen Browett says those responsible are “most definitely not welcome at Selhurst Park”.

“Maybe the coin throwers will think twice about doing it again now… between the cameras and the 99.9% decent supporters in the stands, anyone doing this is taking a big risk of getting a criminal record, never mind not seeing Palace again.”

Body worn video is not just a tool used by police, but has also been effective in hospitals, venues, councils, and more. You can freely access Case Studies from around the world here, and see how body cameras have been used outside of police forces.

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