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Body Cameras To Be Joined By ‘Throwable’ Cameras

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Since mid 2014 the body camera industry has grown to become an estimated $1 billion market, with many companies investing their efforts into supplying the world’s emergency services with the equipment. With the phenomenal police uptake of body cameras one new start-up has created the ‘throwable camera’

Body Worn Video Projects You Haven’t Heard Of

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Body worn video is usually referred to in the context of its use by the emergency services, particularly the police. However, projects have surfaced seeking to use body worn video cameras for other purposes, which may eventually lead to greater technology developments in police-standard cameras.

Greater London Authority Conservatives call for body worn cameras as attacks on frontline workers is rife

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The Daily Mail has reported that there are over 400 attacks on frontline workers per week in the UK. Freedom of information requests were issued around the country which discovered there had been 65,970 attacks in the last three years alone, amounting to 60 incidents every day. Greater London Authority (GLA), who gathered the data, […]

Body camera used by blind UK woman, Siobhan Meade, to deter bullies

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Siobhan Meade, 30, has demonstrated how body worn cameras are not only for police forces to use.

Alcohol delivery staff to wear body cameras

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Staff at a new alcohol delivery company in Peterborough will have to wear body worn cameras to ensure that booze is not sold to underage drinkers.