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CBC News readers react to Police BWV debate

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After the fatal shooting of teenager Sammy Yatim by Toronto police, the issue of Body Worn Video has been brought to the forefront of Canadian news media.

CBC News today put up a compilation of some of the opinions posted on their website by their readers.

The comments are wide ranging and an interesting insight into how the issue of body worn video is dividing opinion amongst the Canadian public. Some of the opinions are very supportive:

  • “In the UK cameras are everywhere. The police even have a network that they monitor that pretty well sees everything. They are the most watched society on Earth. It helps, but eventually there is too much footage to be monitored,” wrote Allan.
  • “I support a system of video surveillance of police actions and believe it would lead to better policing practices and better protection of the public,” suggested brian.
  • However, some comments are slightly more cynical:

  • “I don’t think they will help because Police officers will be the ones who have control over whether the video is seen or not. If they think /know they acted inappropriately, the video will go missing, or they will claim that t he camera malfunctioned,” wrote YesOuiCan.
  • “How many of these expensive units would be wrecked every day, by either criminals or corrupt cops?” asked Tom Forsythe.
  • “How much equipment can an officer carry?” asked LincolnBobinkon.
  • To view the full list of comments published by CBC or to join the discussion, click here.

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