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Frankfurt body cam pilot project produces positive interim results

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An article published in German police newspaper ‘Standpunkt’ has reported some very positive early findings from a pilot body worn camera project in Frankfurt.

Frankfurt police have been using body worn cameras since May, with the intention of reducing violence towards officers.

The Interior Minister Boris Rhein issued a press statement at the end of October stating that the initial findings of the project are positive.

Frankfurt Polizei

The statement says: “The pilot project is set to be 12 months, however, after a brief 6 months, it can be seen that the use of body worn cameras is helping to de-escalate acts of violence.”

“The number of acts of resistance against officers reduced to 8 from 14 the previous year.”

“The officers describe a significant increase in willingness of the public to co-operate. Even traditionally uncooperative and more aggressive people responded to the presence of the video surveillance respectfully and cautiously.”

“Since the introduction of police body cameras, no police officers have been injured. Over the same period last year, two officers were injured.”

Due to the positive findings after the first 6 months of the trial, it is being extended to another problematic area in the city for the 2nd half of the trial period.

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