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Hampshire Constabulary chief constable Andy Marsh welcomes government funding to build body worn camera program

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Hampshire Constabulary chief constable Andy Marsh is an avid supporter of body worn cameras and has expressed his delight after receiving funds to develop the existing program that is currently in operation.

“This funding keeps Hampshire and the Isle of Wight at the cutting edge of body worn video technology” Marsh said, “not just in Britain, but also anywhere in the world.

“As well as being very welcome news – this commitment by the Government is recognition of the massive benefit body-worn video offers in terms of building trust with the public – and having an accurate and verifiable digital record of the evidence.

“It is my intention – both as chief constable for Hampshire and the Isle of Wight and in my new national roll – to work with those other forces who are leading the way to making body worn video something that the public continues to support, and is available to every uniformed police officer.”

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