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Hampshire Constabulary’s use of BWV praised by BBC and the Home Office

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Hampshire Constabulary have earned praise from both the national BBC News and the Home Office. The force and their body worn camera program were the subject of a feature on the BBC eight O’clock news this morning.

Alex Forsyth reported that the body worn cameras allow police to “quickly provide evidence of crime, but also capture the officer’s actions making the police much more transparent.”

Chief Superintendent David Hardcastle of the College of Policing spoke about the advantages of body worn video:

“What officers need to see is the genuine benefits and the reality of using that technology, the reduction in the paperwork they’re then having to do improves services they’re providing to the victims and that in itself encourages others to use that technology.”

You can see the segment in full here.

The UK Home Office also posted a video of the UK Policing Minister MP Damian Green praising Hampshire Constabulary on its technological innovations – including the use of body worn video cameras – on its YouTube channel.

“If an incident happens they can record it, that will be a much more accurate record and it is much easier to transmit around the system. All of this means that the individual police officers can be much more effective at doing their job and much more visible at the same time because they’re spending more time out on the street, so this is definitely the way policing will go, it’s the next big phase of reform which we have to have, to make sure that the police come into the 21st century.”

See the video below:

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