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Head of Toronto police association open for BWV discussion

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The head of the Toronto police association Mike McCormack has said he is open to discussing the use of body worn cameras on officers, but only after the Sammy Yatim investigation is complete.

Since the fatal shooting of teenager Sammy Yatim the Canadian public, news media and some law-enforcement leaders have argued police should wear body worn cameras so investigators looking into violent incidents can assess the viewpoint from the officer’s perspective.


The head of the Toronto police association says he supports having that discussion, but not yet.

“Let’s wait until the investigation is complete and let’s have that discussion then,” Mike McCormack said. “Until then, it’s premature to have that conversation.”

This is in contrast to his comments on the topic two months ago, when he said police already had sufficient accountability.

“We don’t think it protects officers any more against complaints, or protects the officers any more in gathering evidence in what they do,” he said at the time.

Ian Scott, head of the Special Investigations Unit which is investigating the Yatim case, has spoken of his support for BWV.

“The more video, the better. It may not be determinative but it’s often a great fact-finding tool.” He said body worn cameras are “a good idea in my view.”

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