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Home Secretary endorses Body Worn Video cameras

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In a speech given by Home Secretary Theresa May to the Police Federation on May 25th 2013 she gives her backing of the use of Body Worn Cameras. homesec_square

This is the first time that such a senior politician has been so vocal in their support of this technology and it’s ability to assist the Police.

“Body-worn cameras can help improve the collection of evidence. Five police forces –Hampshire, Northamptonshire, Sussex, Thames Valley and Avon and Somerset are already routinely using them.” She said.

Evidence from Scotland suggests that evidence from body-worn cameras can increase the number of early guilty pleas to the extent that ninety per cent of suspects confronted by that evidence plead guilty early.

They can also help by eliminating vexatious complaints from known troublemakers something I know causes a lot of unnecessary stress and wastes too much police time”

As we know, many more constabularies than the ones she notes are using cameras but at least the benefits are being understood at a senior government level and perhaps we can all hope for better recognition and support for Body Worn Video programmes throughout the UK.

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