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Jamaica Police take a step closer to BWV

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Jamaica Police have recently taken a step closer to adopting body worn video camera technology after the Minister of National Security Peter Bunting said chosen units from the force will start wearing them.


“The purpose of this project” Bunting explained, “is to improve the collection of evidence of criminal activity in an effort to prosecute and reduce such activity, improve the transparency of Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) activities when interacting with the public, to encourage JCF officers to act in accordance with the force’s professional standards to include the appropriate use of force, and to create a record to protect JCF officers from unfair allegations of violations of JCF professional standards.

“The Government of Jamaica is committed to reducing the level of crime and violence that has taken a terrible toll on this nation. As part of this commitment we will be taking all necessary steps to ensure that the JCF becomes one of the most trusted and respected institutions in Jamaica.”

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