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“Leon’s Law” – a bid to make body worn cameras compulsary

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“Leon’s Law” is an urgent demand from campaigners, calling on the government to make it a law for Police Officers to film all interactions with the public.

Leon's Law

The bid comes in the wake of the death of Leon Briggs who died in police custody on November 4th last year.

Liberty Louise, deputy chair and legal advisor of the Justice for Leon Briggs Committe, told Luton on Sunday: “We want it to be compulsory for police officers to wear Body Worn Videocwith audio when any interaction with the public is required – from arrest to arriving at the police station.

This will provide key evidential material to clear any controversy and reduce complaint investigations by providing impartial and accurate evidence. Leon’s Law will also benefit police officers and protect the reputation of the police more generally.”

Lee Jasper, of the Lambeth Police Consultative Group, is in full support of the move, however, he has added that although it is an “excellent proposal”, there is no need for a law to be passed in order for it to happen.

He said: “The proposal to require police to wear cameras does not need primary legislation, so there is no need for a Leon’s Law.

“Several constabularies around the country have already begun issuing their officers with on board cameras.
What we need to be doing is to be urging the prime minister to provide the necessary resources to make it a practice throughout the police force.”

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