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‘Leon’s Law’ brings body worn cameras one step closer to Luton Police

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“Leon’s Law” is an urgent demand from campaigners, calling on the government to make it a law for Police Officers to film all interactions with the public.

Leon's Law

In the last few days, reports Luton News, Leon’s Law has taken significant steps to becoming implemented after Luton councilors “unanimously voted to support the use of body worn cameras by police officers”.

On Tuesday night, Hazel Simmons – Luton council leader – declared to the full council meeting “The council supports in principle the immediate introduction for all police constables to wear body worn video equipments which is to be activated during all arrests, detentions or use of force.

“The council further believes that since police officers cannot predict how any conversation with a member of the public will progress, the equipment should be activated at the commencement of any such conversation.”

“The evidence shows that the use of body worn cameras will go a long way, at a minimal cost, to reassure the public and protect these police officers.

“As a society we should look to make changes particularly in incidents where people have died.

“I believe the use of body worn cameras is a sensible solution.”

The Justice for Leon Committee released this statement following the meeting: “We are proud to have gained the full and unanimous support for Leon’s Law at last night’s Luton Borough Council meeting.

“We believe that the use of body worn cameras in all police interactions with the public will greatly reduce the use of force and protect both members of the public and members of the police.

“At a time when the issue of police accountability and confidence in policing is under severe strain, the implementation of Leon’s Law without delay will we believe, greatly reduce the chances of suspicious deaths in custody and help restore public confidence in our police.

“The death of our friend Leon Briggs has deeply affected his family and many in the Luton community. Our efforts are directed in pursuit of justice for Leon, uncovering the truth about his death in police custody and ensuring that measures are put in place to prevent a re-occurrence of these needless tragedies. 
”Leon’s Law implementation will be a significant move in the right direction, though this is just the first step.

“There are other measures we will propose in the near future to ensure a robust structure is in place for the prevention of deaths in custody and an effective system in terms of ensuring accountability.

“J4L give their personal thanks to all Luton councilors for their unanimous backing for Leon’s Law”

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