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A study conducted in Mesa, Arizona, found that body-worn cameras were associated with a reduction in complaints against officers. In October 2012, the Mesa Police Department implemented a one-year pilot program in which 50 officers were assigned to wear body-worn cameras, and 50 officers were assigned to a control group without the cameras.

Mesa Police Department Body Camera Infographic

The study, which was conducted by Arizona State University, found that during the first eight months of deployment, the officers without the cameras had almost three times as many complaints as the officers who wore the cameras.

The study also found that the officers assigned body-worn cameras had 40 percent fewer total complaints and 75 percent fewer use of force complaints during the pilot program than they did during the prior year when they were not wearing cameras.

This body camera infographic was created to highlight some of the findings from the study.

Mesa Police Trial       On-Officer Cameras | Create infographics
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