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MET police launch body worn camera pilot

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MET Commissioner Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe has spoken of his support for body worn video cameras. The Commissioner has long been an advocate of the technology, but this latest interview comes in the wake of the MET police launching their year-long trial of body worn video.

body worn video cameras

In the recent interview he said:

“First of all it gives us better justice, it gives us immediate evidence, real evidence and you know what compelling evidence we have from video, every day on the broadcast media we have images of people involved in incidents and I think that’s good evidence.

“The second thing is it helps to hold police to account. I believe our officers do a great job every day. And if we get it wrong, I want to know, I’m sure the public do. So this is a way of keeping us to account too. So I think from both points of view it’s helpful.

“But finally of course if we’re not careful, we’re the only people out there at an incident who doesn’t have a camera. We have people with telephones, even over the last 24 hours, incidents on the streets that members of the public have recorded and the police officers haven’t got an account. I think its best that we all do.

“I think domestic violence incidents are going to be some of the most powerful evidence for the future. First of all, a written statement never captures the fear that families experience so an image that captures that a child was terrified that a woman, usually, was the victim, was terrified is really powerful in a way that words could never describe. Even something that appears to be a minor wound, when there is blood all over the location when somebody has blood smeared all over them, that’s a really powerful testimony and I think sometimes the only people who see that are the officers who attend the scene. Also it makes sure that if the domestic violence victim cannot pursue that prosecution or feels unable to do that, then this allows us to pursue a prosecution.

Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe was adamant that with the introduction of body worn video “We’ll see lots of improvements in the future.”

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