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Minutes from the last BWVSG meeting

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Steve Goodier, Hampshire Police

  • Andy Marsh (Policing Lead) it was identified there was a need to have a policing lead due to the rising profile of Body Worn Videos.
  • Task and finish group – it was agreed that the main objective of this group was to deliver a set of BWV standards in the form of a College of Policing Approved Professional Practice (APP) document. Anticipated to be available April 2014
  • Clear standards-operate BWV
  • legal issues surrounding BWV. It was stressed there are a number of important legal requirements for the legitimate use of BWV. Having a robust back-office system in place will assist in legal compliance.
  • Article 8-Privacy act
  • MOPI rules.
  • Consideration is needed for keeping material where there is no legal justification. Question was raised if a 31 day disposal policy was proportionate in certain circumstances.
  • Freedom of information requests. Public can request their data. Police hold it, public can view it.


National governance surrounding BWV

  • BWV 18 months ago.
  • Digital First-Police 7 evidential stands. BWV one strand
  • Explore BWV Cameras, CAST-document with minimum spec for videoing.
  • Market scan-Key features from back end and camera, a document that should be shared soon.
  • National User Group-Home Office led, exploring changes in legislation
  • Innovation Fund 2013/14 successful BWV bids
  • Innovation fund 2014/15 future possibilities for BWV bids
  • National framework for purchasing BWV
  • Consultation- Surveillance camera code-engage with communities
      • Deployment methods
      • Led by PCC-public consultation
      • Influence retention policies
      • They have to justify retention and deletion policy, 31 days
      • C12 stop and search forms
      • Evidential and non-evidential material. There is a need to distinguish and possibly broaden the meaning and scope of retention levels
      • Hampshire have 500 cameras
      • IOW everyone has a camera
      • 10 months they used 28 terabytes – deleted 18 terabytes – 8 terabytes cannot reuse.


Evidential Erosion-Paul Kinsella

  • BWV is universally seen as enhancing trust in the community
  • Outlined the potential that the expectation that all officers wear it actually undermines trust and confidence
  • Highlighted that we police by consent in UK and that trust is fundamental to having the support of the police
  • Detailed a couple of incidents in Telford where publicity about an individual officer’s use of BWV was very positive, but which lead to the unexpected consequence of an acquittal in a later case when he chose NOT to use BWV
  • Highlighted the need for working practices and deployment to mitigate that risk – bidding for cameras for all officers in W Mercia and Warwickshire

Staffordshire Police-Patricia Rich-Project Management

Unexpected problems once launched

  • Biggest real out in Europe for BWV
  • 530 cameras
  • Trained all their officers
  • Desktop engineer for body worn
  • End of roll out April 2014
  • They don’t allow their officers to burn any videos onto discs other than for court purposes. They are only allowed to view it
  • They are allowed a still image of footage but not the video itself.
  • The defence can see it then and there.
  • User Vanishes
  • Booking in and out-locations of station
  • If there are 1000 users on the system you won’t be able to log on
  • Re-educate the trainers
  • Software training-Important
  • Video footage-bandwidth consumption (will vary for everyone on how much they need)
  • Application to network-important
  • All their users are super/power users for the program

Victim of own success:

  • DEMS-lots of departments within Staffordshire want to be able to view the footage for different reasons, many of which weren’t originally considered. They can share specific data.
  • (normal user-can only view own footage, super/power user-can view anyone’s footage, administrator. (all the above can have restricted limits)

Alistair Rule, Salisbury Plain-Safety and Sustainability

  • MOD police-removed from structure, no warranted authority on Salisbury Plain. Theft/off roading/hunting
  • MOD police-working with Wiltshire Police to help allow their evidence to be beneficial.
  • Pre Afghanistan training completed on Salisbury.
  • Military Discipline-Evidence (they can only gather the evidence and pass it on)
  • Moral Support
  • Mount the cams on vehicles
  • (Trail cameras) covert cameras also used
  • They would like a military style/coloured vest with a good harness/clip to attach camera after it’s been mounted in the vehicle.
  • Night vision cameras also used-Only use them on incidents that are illegal-misdemeanours (Private MOD land)





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