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Paul Kinsella of West Mercia Police says body worn video is “not about the front end”

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The British ACPO Journal has published an article on body worn video titled “Are you getting the full picture?” The journal is titled “The camera never lies – welcoming a future of body worn video and high-speed data”.


For police forces who are yet to invest in this established technology, Jose Sanchez de Muniain recommends having a look over the Body Worn Video Steering Group’s (BWVSG) white paper on implementation.

“The BWVSG Draft Guidance on How to Implement Body Worn Video will provide some consistency for a technology that has already been taken up (to some degree) by all police forces in the UK” he explained.

“[The white paper] will fill some gaping holes around practical implementation such as considerations for choosing the right strategy whilst highlighting invisible challenges such as the fact that most of the investment into body worn video isn’t into the kit itself but rather into bolstering storage and internal bandwidth.”

Paul Kinsella of West Mercia Police agreed, saying “it should not be about the flashiest, most high definition kit you hang on an officer, it is about making it easy for him or her to use, retrieve significant content, and delete footage according to MOPI. It’s not about the front end.”

Read the white paper »

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