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Police, Camera, Action: Getting The Best From Body Worn Video

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Body-worn video cameras represent a recent technology development that is being driven by the Home Office and by operational requirements for widespread adoption within the police and other emergency services.

Mason Advisory Body Camera Whitepaper

While public perception of the usefulness of the technology is influenced by media reports of its use the operational benefits are much wider. There are particular benefits in areas such as staff protection from crime, and automated evidence gathering during an incident – leading to a higher rate of guilty pleas.

Mason Advisory is a subsidiary of Datatec Limited.  Datatec is a global ICT solutions and services group, and expertise includes secure, mission and business-critical infrastructure, voice and data technologies, including call handling systems and data centres, and cloud-based virtualised IT environments.

Recently they published a white paper focused on body worn video camera technology, specifically looking at the technology used, data management , integration, network transport, device security, and more.

This publication also highlights the challenges faced by body camera technology, and goes into great detail in an easily digestible manner, covering a broad range of themes from the various aspects that affect the devices and their use.

You can see a larger version of this document by clicking here

See the following links for more resourcesprocedures + guidelines, studies and reports.

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