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Prime Minister declares body worn cameras are “an important step forward”

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Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe has announced “I want our officers to be able to be more open when it comes to the investigations that follow these events.

“In pursuance of that we’re going to ask them to wear video cameras, so that we can record this type of incident.”

David Cameron has joined Boris Johnson in declaring his support of body worn cameras: “Having cameras has been talked about this morning; I think that’s an important step forward”

Mark Rowly agreed, explaining that use of body worn cameras would prevent similar problems arising in the future. “The big point from our perspective, the learning of the last couple of years is the benefit of video.

“We look at Woolwich and everyone can see those horrifically fast moving situations that the firearms team turn up to deal with… the violence they face and the nature of the split second decision. It made it very easy to deal with.

“If the officers had been wearing body cameras [when confronting Mark Duggan], it would have been very clear cut as to what happened”

A Thames Valley police officer testified to the BBC about the quality of results that body worn cameras provide. “We’ve had the cameras for a couple of weeks now” the officer began, “and we get good results from them, really good results.

“It covers us, if people make complaints about use of force, or stop and search, it covers it all. And it’s really easy to put on disks that can be used in court, and if they make a complaint it can be played, and it protects us. And it protects them as well.”

When asked how the public have responded to the cameras being used, the officer replied “It’s quite obvious where it’s worn – it’s not covert at all, so people do generally realise that they are being recorded. I haven’t had any negative response from it.”

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