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Public invited to watch body worn video footage

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Members of the public in Bedfordshire have been invited to watch the footage from body worn video cameras in an innovative new scheme. A panel made up of members of the public will be scrutinising the footage taken by officers carrying out a stop and search.

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Bedfordshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner Olly Martins praised the initiative. He said, “Bedfordshire Police is demonstrating its commitment to letting the public see and understand the work that is done on their behalf.”
“By promoting greater public understanding of the challenges police officers face on a daily basis we will see rising levels of trust and confidence in policing, which can only be a good thing.”

Members of the public can also take part in a “ride along” with an officer, a scheme which has also been introduced by the force. It will then be shown on Channel 4’s documentary 24 Hours in Police Custody so they can show they have nothing to hide.

Ray Reed, Secretary and Treasurer of Bedfordshire Police Federation said he welcomed the move provided proper safeguards are put in place.

“I think this is a good idea and it shows greater transparency and more accountability to the public that we serve”, he said.

“This would also assist the public in seeing the hard work carried out by our frontline staff despite huge pressures to our service.” Body worn video protects both police officers and victims in the incidents as it captures the truth of what really happens and should show that police officers have nothing to hide.

Mr Martins also added that, “Modern technology is helping Bedfordshire Police transparently serve the public in a way that would have made the founder of British policing Sir Robert Peel proud.”

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