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Staffordshire Special Constables to wear BWV Cameras

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Staffordshire Police are to equip their special constables with Body Worn Video cameras.

Staffordshire’s BWV project has recently been extended to include the special constables after a successful trial.

The cost of Staffordshire’s BWV scheme has now risen from £207,000 to £331,000 to buy the extra technology.

Staffordshire Police and Crime Commissioner Matthew Ellis said: “Originally, Staffordshire Police wanted to get some cameras for part of the force. But that didn’t make sense to me, if it is right for part of the force, it is right for all of them.

“Specials stand cheek by jowl with regular officers, so it seems only right that they should be given the cameras too.

Union leaders have also backed the use of BWV cameras by special constables.

Staffordshire Police Federation secretary Dean Colley said: “We don’t see a difference between special constables and regular officers – they have the same powers as constables and face the same dangers.

“Body cameras will be able to gather evidence from the point of view of the officer. It will be like having a silent witness at the scene. Also, if a volatile individual sees an officer is carrying a camera that may affect how they behave.”

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