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FAQ’s: Australia’s Northern Territory BWV Trial

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The Northern Territory Police Force is committed to exploring new capabilities to enhance frontline efficiency, and commenced a trial of Body Worn Video in January 2015 expected to complete 31st March 2015. As a result we have a look at the outline for the trial, which could lead to further regions adopting the technology.

As Above, So Below: Surveillance and Sousveillance

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‘The Troubles’ refers to the Northern Irish conflict that originated in the 1960’s resulting in a great deal of violence over a number of years, before generally being accepted as ending with the Good Friday Agreement of 1998. During this time, a fortified perimeter known as the ‘ring of steel’ was built to protect Belfast […]

Obama Pushes Congress for Body Worn Video

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The White House intends to spend $75 million to help purchase 50,000 body cameras for police officers around the USA. The proposed initiative, called the Body Worn Camera Partnership Program, would provide a 50 percent match to local governments who purchase body cameras over a three year period.

Miami Beach Tools Up With Body Worn Video

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Sun Sentinel Reports: Miami Beach recently began outfitting officers with body worn video cameras. Lauderhill hopes to equip 60 officers next year. Coral Springs and Hallandale Beach are considering a similar move, too.

New South Wales police look to roll out thousands of body cameras

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Body cameras are currently being trialled by New South Wales (NSW) police, Australia, who are looking to roll out thousands of body cameras across the force.