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5 Unique Benefits of Body Cameras

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Since body cameras began gaining momentum in law enforcement, the main arguments for and against them (respectively) have been that they hold everyone accountable and raise privacy concerns — for both the public and the officers who use them. But there are many less publicized benefits of body cameras that far outweigh the issues privacy […]

Body Cameras Illustrate Mental Heath Issues

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Recently, here at the BWVSG, it was noticed that with the uptake of body cameras a strange trend began to emerge. As the hours of footage clocked up there was an increase in videos of incidents involving mentally ill persons, an issue the technology has brought to light. In Dallas, Texas, Shirley Harrison had called […]

Hillary Clinton: Body cameras “will improve transparency and accountability and help good people”

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As part of a keynote address at the David N. Dinkins Leadership and Public Policy Forum in New York former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton expressed support for police body cameras, commenting “we should make sure that every police department in the country has police cameras to record interactions.”

An Insider Industry Perspective of Cloud Storage for Law Enforcement

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Government Technology is an online publication dedicated to the dynamics of governing in the information age. In a recent article by Stuart McKee, the chief technology officer for state and local government at Microsoft, he provides an insider perspective on how prepared Cloud storage is for body camera video data.

Catching Football Hooligans With Body Cameras

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Crystal Palace football boss Alan Pardew has called on fans to use social media to name and shame anyone caught throwing coins following incidents during the club’s previous home games, and security looks to body cameras to red-card unruly fans.

American Border Patrol Tests Body Cameras

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U.S. Border Patrol agents have been testing a small number of body cameras in the field since mid-January, but widespread deployment is still a long way off, officials have said.

Public and Police Benefit From Body Cameras

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(Via The Island Packet) Nearly every young reporter covers a car wreck. What they quickly learn is at least two versions of every incident exists — in this case, the driver whose vehicle was hit and the driver who allegedly did the hitting.