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Body Cameras To Be Joined By ‘Throwable’ Cameras

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Since mid 2014 the body camera industry has grown to become an estimated $1 billion market, with many companies investing their efforts into supplying the world’s emergency services with the equipment. With the phenomenal police uptake of body cameras one new start-up has created the ‘throwable camera’

Obama Body Worn Video Funding Reduced

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A Republican-controlled Congress approved a $51 billion measure providing the Justice Department and NASA with modest budget hikes, but the legislation falls well short of what’s needed to win President Barack Obama’s signature. The measure cuts back Obama’s request for police body cameras and new community policing initiatives.

Cop Watch Camera Operators “Problematic”

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Bill Bratton, Commissioner of the New York Police Department has openly stated that citizens filming police to monitor their behaviour can actually be conducive to “agitating the situations”. As police body cameras have sought to establish trusts within communities, organised groups such as Cop Watch have been accused of being intrusive and preventing officers from […]

Canada’s Privacy Commissioners Say ‘Slow Down’

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Canada’s federal and provincial privacy commissioners are warning police to go slow when it comes to introducing camera technology worn on the body.

Body Worn Video – Does The Public Have A Right To Know?

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Body worn video cameras are fast becoming standard issue for police worldwide. With the benefits being felt by most, the calls to expand research and questions relating to releasing video to the media take focus. Often, the Rialto Study is referenced as proof of success of body worn video. However, the researchers have said that […]

Body Worn Video Science to Improve Policing

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Barack Obama has responded to many growing concerns about policing by proposing $75 million to provide 50,000 body worn video cameras to the nation’s police. This initiative should bring movement to make street policing more transparent and accountable to avoid disputes.

A Body Worn Video Camera and a Badge

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Infographics are a great way to lay out information and communicate it in a visually pleasing style. PowerDMS and Daigle Law Group created this fantastic graphic, which is essential viewing for members of the body worn video camera world. Additionally you can also find a comprehensive list of essential body worn video camera scholarly research, […]

Body Worn Video Projects You Haven’t Heard Of

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Body worn video is usually referred to in the context of its use by the emergency services, particularly the police. However, projects have surfaced seeking to use body worn video cameras for other purposes, which may eventually lead to greater technology developments in police-standard cameras.