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Body Camera Driven Insight for Police Solutions

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(Via: Accenture) Body-worn video cameras are more than just another device in the wearable technologies revolution. The body camera—worn on helmets, jackets and lapels—has the potential to be a powerful means of protecting both the citizen and the officer and delivering public service for the future through digital law enforcement.

Body Worn Video ‘A Watchful Eye on CCTV’

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Britain’s surveillance commissioner, Tony Porter has issued causes for concern with the UK in relation to the broad range of surveillance in use. After the recent terrorist acts by radicals in France, Britain’s security alert rating has risen. Porter’s concerns stem from issues surrounding transparency, and urges public bodies to be open about the use […]

Dr Kevin Macnish – Body Worn Video Camera Debate

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Trials of body worn video (BWV) cameras have been underway in the UK in 2014, most notably that by Hampshire Constabulary who were recently praised for an innovative approach to tackling crime by Home Secretary Theresa May.

Did you know there’s a BWVSG Twitter?

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Are you on Twitter? Did you know there’s a BWVSG Twitter account? The Body Worn Video Steering Group uses Twitter to connect with our readers, collaborators, partners, activists, researchers, and community of body worn video users. It is vital to us that we can deliver the most important news, research, policy, and more with a […]

Body Worn Video: Solicitor on Being Clear on Being Filmed

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(Via The Scotsman): Members of the public have the right to expect that you will always be made aware if you are being recorded, says solicitor Joanne Snedden on the topic of body worn video (BWV) cameras.

Body Worn Video Cameras to be Compulsory?

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After the Grand Jury decision to not indict Officer Darren Wilson for the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson earlier this year relatives and protesters alike have banded together and submitted a petition to the White House calling for a “Michael Brown Law”, which would require all state, county and local officers to use body […]

PoliceOne Poll: Officers Respond to Body Worn Video

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PoliceOne recently issued a poll to its community of police officers within recent months, and the results reflect a bright future for body worn video cameras; which has been a growing tool within the global police community ever since its conception. After several high profile incidents within those years many have been asking what body […]

Body Worn Video – ICO Update Data Protection Code of Practice

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The latest issue of Privacy This Week recently reviewed the UK Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) issued update to its code of practice (‘COP’), under the Data Protection Act 1998 covering the use of CCTV. The new COP expands its coverage to the use of Automatic Number Place Recognition (ANPR), body worn video (BWV), unmanned aerial […]

New CCTV code of practice comes into force

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A code of practice on the use of surveillance cameras by bodies including Police forces and local authorities has come into effect in England and Wales.