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Body Worn Video and the National Institute for Justice

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The National Institute for Justice currently has two ongoing funded research programs assessing how video integration into policing strategies can have an effect on criminal justice outcomes. The total amount awarded comes in at just over $1.5 million, distributed to two entities and focused specifically on body worn video.

Body Worn Video Calls Time on Secret Grand Juries

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Two New Mexico police officers were recently charged under suspicion of murder after body worn video cameras filmed them killing a knife-wielding homeless man who was camping in nearby city hills.

Body Worn Video Cameras to be Compulsory?

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After the Grand Jury decision to not indict Officer Darren Wilson for the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson earlier this year relatives and protesters alike have banded together and submitted a petition to the White House calling for a “Michael Brown Law”, which would require all state, county and local officers to use body […]

Body Worn Video is a Police Tool, Not a Viral Marketing One

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Kashmir Hill, new technologies reporter for Forbes, within the past couple of days published an article entitled “A Future In Which Every Police Officer Wears a Bodycam Isn’t Entirely Rosy” investigating the use of footage taken from body worn video captured on the frontline. One of the most controversial videos released online comes from America, […]

San Francisco Police to begin using body worn cameras during searches

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San Francisco officers will wear body worn video cameras when serving search warrants, in response to allegations of past illegal searches.

NYPD Union resists body worn camera order

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The order for the NYPD to instigate a pilot body worn camera project has been cast under further doubt, with concerns that the judge’s order might not even be legal.

NYPD body worn camera order stirs unexpected reactions

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The order by a federal judge for NYPD officers to wear body worn video cameras has given unprecedented coverage of the technology in the states.

New York City Cops forced to wear body worn cameras after judge’s ruling

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A federal judge has ordered a pilot program in which officers will wear body-worn cameras in an effort to make stop-and-frisk encounters more constitutional.