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Body Camera Driven Insight for Police Solutions

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(Via: Accenture) Body-worn video cameras are more than just another device in the wearable technologies revolution. The body camera—worn on helmets, jackets and lapels—has the potential to be a powerful means of protecting both the citizen and the officer and delivering public service for the future through digital law enforcement.

Body Cameras FAQ

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(Via CDT Blog) A technological solution – body-worn cameras for police officers – is garnering increased attention, with the parents of the slain teen Michael Brown calling for cameras to be placed on all officers across the nation. While some lawmakers and civil rights groups have embraced this technology, the rules governing what should happen […]

Body Worn Video: Solicitor on Being Clear on Being Filmed

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(Via The Scotsman): Members of the public have the right to expect that you will always be made aware if you are being recorded, says solicitor Joanne Snedden on the topic of body worn video (BWV) cameras.

PoliceOne Poll: Officers Respond to Body Worn Video

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PoliceOne recently issued a poll to its community of police officers within recent months, and the results reflect a bright future for body worn video cameras; which has been a growing tool within the global police community ever since its conception. After several high profile incidents within those years many have been asking what body […]

The BBC asks “surveillance for surveillance’s sake”? Not according to the Government’s Policing Minister

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Police forces and local governments in the UK and around the world are looking to body worn cameras to make their work more effective. However a small number of critics are claiming that rather than enhancing the work of front-line officers, the cameras are merely a “money making tool”. Policing Minister Damian Green emphatically disagrees […]