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Presentation: West Midlands Police Body Worn Video Trial

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In 2013 West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner Bob Jones said he supported trials for the introduction of body worn video cameras for the police, so as to build evidence for their effectiveness. At the time Mr. Jones said, “…We are taking a staged approach, which helps us understand the operational, legal and technical issues […]

UK: CCTV Code of Practice Revised

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Recently the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) update the CCTV Code of Practice, stating “We have moved away from CCTV simply being a camera on top of a pole in our local town centre where the images were recorded on to video tapes, to much more sophisticated operations using digital and increasingly portable technology.”

What To Do With Footage Of You

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Currently law enforcement agencies are facing a question which could spell both positive and negative results, depending on who answers. That question is the issue of body camera footage, and what to do with in regards to public access.

Coalition of Organisations Release Vision For Future of Body Cameras

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A broad coalition of civil rights, privacy, and media rights organizations released shared civil rights principles for the use of body worn cameras by law enforcement.