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Grappling With Gigabytes

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As body cameras are integrated into police forces around the world court systems are starting to buckle under the weight of hours upon hours of video, however learning to deal with this new challenge is temporary and staff are “ready to deal with whatever comes our way.”

California Sets Strict BWV Legislation

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While states and cities across the country are rushing to pass body camera legislation that primarily benefits police, a California Assembly panel approved thoughtful legislation on police-worn body cameras:

Body Camera Legislation: An “Equal Distribution of Unhappiness”

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OKLAHOMA CITY — State lawmakers are working on a measure that will determine how much access the public has to videos from body cameras worn by law enforcement officers. House Bill 1037 is expected to be heard this week in the state Senate after securing approval in the Senate Rules Committee, and following similar body camera legislation in other […]

Bodycams Could Save Our Children’s Lives

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William B. Scott is the author of “The Permit,” a novel based on his son’s murder. His son Erik Scott, 38, was shot by Metro officers William Mosher, Joshua Stark and Thomas Mendiola on July 10, 2010, as he walked out of a Costco store, and Scott believes body worn video could have prevented this tragedy.

Body Cameras Discussed by Chicago Criminology and Psychology Professor

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Art Lurigio is a professor of criminal justice, criminology, and psychology at Loyola University Chicago. Read an interview with him about the use of body cameras by police officers.