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Body Cam Blanket Requests Continue to Cripple Washington

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An anonymous activist is prompting police departments in Washington State to reassess decisions to have police officers wear body cameras, a move usually designed to increase the transparency of officer interactions with the public.

Did you know there’s a BWVSG Twitter?

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Are you on Twitter? Did you know there’s a BWVSG Twitter account? The Body Worn Video Steering Group uses Twitter to connect with our readers, collaborators, partners, activists, researchers, and community of body worn video users. It is vital to us that we can deliver the most important news, research, policy, and more with a […]

Body Worn Video: Solicitor on Being Clear on Being Filmed

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(Via The Scotsman): Members of the public have the right to expect that you will always be made aware if you are being recorded, says solicitor Joanne Snedden on the topic of body worn video (BWV) cameras.

Body Worn Video Trials and Tribulations: Lessons Learned

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The Police Executive Research Forum recently released a report entitled “Implementing a Body Worn Camera Program: Recommendations and Lessons Learned”, covering the various aspects surrounding the introduction of cameras to an agency and their personnel.

Prime Minister declares body worn cameras are “an important step forward”

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Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe has announced “I want our officers to be able to be more open when it comes to the investigations that follow these events.

Scotland Yard announce armed police will be deployed with body worn cameras

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Today, Scotland Yard has announced that armed police will be equipped with body worn video cameras in a bid to obtain an unbiased account of controversial confrontations between police and the public.

“Leon’s Law” – a bid to make body worn cameras compulsary

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“Leon’s Law” is an urgent demand from campaigners, calling on the government to make it a law for Police Officers to film all interactions with the public.