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Should Police Officers Be Allowed To Buy Their Own Body Cameras?

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Some police officers around the country are beginning to spend their own money on body cameras to use on the job to protect themselves for charges of wrongdoing. In Boise, Idaho supporters of department-wide body cameras say crime may increase with population growth, so officers need to be prepared.

Body Cameras FAQ

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(Via CDT Blog) A technological solution – body-worn cameras for police officers – is garnering increased attention, with the parents of the slain teen Michael Brown calling for cameras to be placed on all officers across the nation. While some lawmakers and civil rights groups have embraced this technology, the rules governing what should happen […]

Body Worn Video: Solicitor on Being Clear on Being Filmed

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(Via The Scotsman): Members of the public have the right to expect that you will always be made aware if you are being recorded, says solicitor Joanne Snedden on the topic of body worn video (BWV) cameras.

Body Worn Video Cameras to be Compulsory?

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After the Grand Jury decision to not indict Officer Darren Wilson for the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson earlier this year relatives and protesters alike have banded together and submitted a petition to the White House calling for a “Michael Brown Law”, which would require all state, county and local officers to use body […]

PoliceOne Poll: Officers Respond to Body Worn Video

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PoliceOne recently issued a poll to its community of police officers within recent months, and the results reflect a bright future for body worn video cameras; which has been a growing tool within the global police community ever since its conception. After several high profile incidents within those years many have been asking what body […]

Sir Stephen Supports Scottish Body Worn Video

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The Scottish Herald recently reported that body worn video cameras would pay for themselves in just a couple of years, according to Chief Constable Sir Stephen House. Currently, only officers in north-east Scotland wear the body mounted systems, and the force’s main civilian watchdog has called for a public debate before they are rolled out […]

Key Studies about Body Worn Video

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The world of body worn video is developing rapidly and expanding on a global level, similar to other devices being introduced into the security and emergency response industries, and real-world evaluations of such provide valuable information which can determine the success of new technologies.

Body Worn Video Trials and Tribulations: Lessons Learned

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The Police Executive Research Forum recently released a report entitled “Implementing a Body Worn Camera Program: Recommendations and Lessons Learned”, covering the various aspects surrounding the introduction of cameras to an agency and their personnel.

Body camera used by blind UK woman, Siobhan Meade, to deter bullies

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Siobhan Meade, 30, has demonstrated how body worn cameras are not only for police forces to use.