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Scotland National Body Camera Roll-Out “Some Way Off”

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Scotland currently faces challenges in terms of acquiring funding for body cameras as the Chief Constable admits equipping officers with cameras is “some way off” Sir Stephen House supports national rollout, though acknowledged issues around funding and public acceptance still need to be resolved.

Sir Stephen Supports Scottish Body Worn Video

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The Scottish Herald recently reported that body worn video cameras would pay for themselves in just a couple of years, according to Chief Constable Sir Stephen House. Currently, only officers in north-east Scotland wear the body mounted systems, and the force’s main civilian watchdog has called for a public debate before they are rolled out […]

Key Studies about Body Worn Video

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The world of body worn video is developing rapidly and expanding on a global level, similar to other devices being introduced into the security and emergency response industries, and real-world evaluations of such provide valuable information which can determine the success of new technologies.

Clydebank Police raise interesting arguments for and against BWV

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A story published by the Clydebank Post newspaper gives an interesting insight into arguments for and against body worn video, by exposing the West Dunbartonshire division of Police Scotland’s internal decision making process.