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Body Cameras Must be Deployed with Caution in Healthcare Facilities (US)

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The current national trend in the United States regarding the call for increased deployment of body cameras  by law enforcement personnel is being lauded by many for its anticipated effect on transparency regarding uses of force and providing a true account of what occurs during adversarial encounters between citizens and police. However, this process creates […]

Police, Camera, Action: Getting The Best From Body Worn Video

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Body-worn video cameras represent a recent technology development that is being driven by the Home Office and by operational requirements for widespread adoption within the police and other emergency services.

Catching Football Hooligans With Body Cameras

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Crystal Palace football boss Alan Pardew has called on fans to use social media to name and shame anyone caught throwing coins following incidents during the club’s previous home games, and security looks to body cameras to red-card unruly fans.

Body Cameras FAQ

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(Via CDT Blog) A technological solution – body-worn cameras for police officers – is garnering increased attention, with the parents of the slain teen Michael Brown calling for cameras to be placed on all officers across the nation. While some lawmakers and civil rights groups have embraced this technology, the rules governing what should happen […]