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Balancing Privacy and Transparency

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From the early beginnings of body worn video in the early 2000’s the second decade of this century has seen a drive towards smarter, intelligent policing by using modern technology. Inevitably this has brought to light issues surrounding what actually happens with the footage once it is stored.

5 Tips for Using Mobile Video Evidence in Your Agency

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Each week body camera users grow in number, and the scale of an implementation can range from just one or two, to hundreds across a department. In order to manage a project where there is a consistent flow of new data, shared this concise package of wisdom on what one should consider.

As Above, So Below: Surveillance and Sousveillance

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‘The Troubles’ refers to the Northern Irish conflict that originated in the 1960’s resulting in a great deal of violence over a number of years, before generally being accepted as ending with the Good Friday Agreement of 1998. During this time, a fortified perimeter known as the ‘ring of steel’ was built to protect Belfast […]

Body Worn Video ‘A Watchful Eye on CCTV’

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Britain’s surveillance commissioner, Tony Porter has issued causes for concern with the UK in relation to the broad range of surveillance in use. After the recent terrorist acts by radicals in France, Britain’s security alert rating has risen. Porter’s concerns stem from issues surrounding transparency, and urges public bodies to be open about the use […]