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Tamworth Police roll out body cameras

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Tamworth Police are the latest Staffordshire force to receive “state-of-the-art body-cams” for all front line officers, reports a local newspaper.


The body cameras have been funded by Police and Crime Commissioner Matthew Ellis and have been brought in to “improve evidence gathering and to provide vital evidence in key investigations” whilst also deterring violent offenders.

Mr Ellis said the body cameras will “revolutionise evidence gathering and help ensure complaints are dealt with more efficiently and cost effectively.

“They are part of rigorous efforts to ensure everything that’s done is open, honest and transparent so that public confidence across policing and criminal justice is improved.”

These latest initiatives from Staffordshire police mean that they have become the first Police force in the UK to have a body camera available for every front line worker.

Mr Ellis explained: “This is part of a majority technology plan to free up officer time and create thousands of extra hours policing.

“They will help officers get the best possible evidence, they will protect people who are being arrested and will save a vast amount of time by providing actual pictorial evidence in court rather than thousands and thousands of words.

“The advantage of having these cameras is that they start to remove any doubts as to what happened because it’s caught on film.”

Staffordshire Police Chief Constable Mike Cunningham said the body cameras have been welcomed by his front line officers.

“It means we are able capture video evidence from our arrival at an incident and these videos show an accurate record of what has happened,” he explained.

“Courts are now be able see first-hand exactly what an offence looked like on the particular day in question which ultimately means better support for victims and improves our ability to bring offenders to justice.”

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