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UK: CCTV Code of Practice Revised

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Recently the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) update the CCTV Code of Practice, stating “We have moved away from CCTV simply being a camera on top of a pole in our local town centre where the images were recorded on to video tapes, to much more sophisticated operations using digital and increasingly portable technology.”

CCTV Code of Practice

Continued, the document emphasises “the title of this code has changed to highlight its focus on the data protection implications of using CCTV and other forms of surveillance cameras, its objectives remain the same.”

As body cameras have been adopted by police forces across the country the concern surrounding privacy and how to protect it has been a hot topic both here and across the pond in the USA. This updated version of the code of practice provides guidance and advice for CCTV users on how to comply with the Data Protection Act and also includes a simple check-list for users of very limited CCTV systems where the full provisions of the code would be too detailed.

The code covers several forms of CCTV:

  • Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR);
  • body worn video (BWV);
  • unmanned aerial systems (UAS); and
  • other systems that capture information of identifiable individuals or information relating to individuals.

In other news on June 1st 2015 the Surveillance Camera Commissioner is reviewing the surveillance camera code of practice and has launched an online survey to help gather views on it. The survey will close on 30 June 2015.

The CCTV Code of Practice publication is available on our Procedures and Guidelines page.

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